Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pirate Mickey magnet frame

This was fun to design, and also a bit of a challenge. The actual frame has to be able to slide into and out of Mickey's grasp, so not only his hands but also his boots had to conform to its shape in just the right way. So, I made sure to use the grooves and folds in his boots to their fullest advantage. All that to say I wanted the frame to stick. Side note: I made the hilt of his sword resemble the classic "D" in "Disneyland".


Sandy MacGowan said...

Ron, I love the "hidden D" in Mickey's sword... almost like Mickey's keeping Walt by his side. :-)

Ron said...

Thanks! I've always been partial to the Disneyland font. There's so much nostalgia represented simply by the style of the letters - so many memories attached to them.