Wednesday, July 24, 2013

dinosaur pencil test

In the summer of 1993, I was in an internship at Hanna Barbera in Hollywood (specifically Turner Pictures, which had just released "The Pagemaster" and was gearing up for "Cats Don't Dance"). One of our assignments was to animate a character getting into a cookie jar. The studio was walking distance from Universal City Walk, where I'd recently seen the premiere of "Jurassic Park" and was thoroughly blown away by the realism of the dinosaurs. Later that fall, Industrial Light and Magic flew me up to San Francisco to see my animation reel - they were looking for students who could potentially help out on the film "Casper" - and I had the incredible privilege of meeting some of the "Jurassic Park" animators. That was a cool year!


Eric Scales said...

Very cool Ron. I didn't see Pagemaster, but really liked Cats Don't Dance.

Ron said...

Thanks, Eric-
There were some fantastic artists on those films.