Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cars Playland - Disneyland Paris

I did some art a while back for the new Toy Story Playland attractions at Disneyland Paris. Now that the new area has opened, I thought I'd post the drawings.

That ride looks like fun!

This last one is a meet and greet area near the Green Army Men parachute drop attraction.
I drew the soldiers with parachutes for the backdrop.


Anonymous said...

It must be awesome to see your work come alive in the parks. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Agreed.. it amazes me how much creativity goes into such work Ron. Are you going to post up any more clean up work from the movies you did and maybe some advice about how clean up works? I am trying to get my chops up with it but it is more tedious than I thought!

Keep up the great work


Ron said...

I appreciate the comments, and I'll try to post more clean up work from the old days (it's in the garage...)!