Friday, February 12, 2010

Concepts for Tomorrowland stage show

These are concept sketches I did back in 2006 for Disney Entertainment, for a "Meet the Robinsons" stage show that never materialized.


ro's mom said...

This great! Thanks for sharing your work. :) My 4 year old son's absolute favorite movie is Meet the Robinsons. He loves 'rockets & science'. I've seen it a trillion times, including working on the vfx for the 3D version.
My son's bedroom is decorated based on the future Louis' Lab. :D It's brightly colored, happy and optimistic. We would have loved to see the stage show!

Ron said...

Thanks for the comment. The film was great - I loved it, too. I'm partial to the films and attractions that are uplifting and optimistic, as you alluded to. Great work on the effects!

Pete said...

I'm a big MTR fan... would it be possible to get a copy of these concept pieces autographed by you?