Friday, August 28, 2009

Haunted Mansion "Welcome to the After-LIFE" game

While working at the Disney Design Group, I was given the opportunity to create the line art for the cover of the new Game of Life "Haunted Mansion" version (exclusive to the theme parks), as well as for the twelve "Career" cards in the game. Garret Webb, Casey Jones and Quynh Kimball designed and "brought to life" all the art on the game board, game pieces and "Residence" cards within; Jose Pardo did an incredible job of painting the final art - giving everyone a ghastly pallor, betraying a feeling of foreboding... (to quote the attraction). This was a lot of fun.

This sequence of images were for the lenticular Madame Leota on the game cover; I animated her face traditionally and painted her digitally. It was a great feeling, even if only for seven frames, to be flipping drawings again on an animation desk in the animation building. I hope the effect works as a lenticular image - I haven't seen the final product yet.

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