Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Princess and the Frog" team at Premise Entertainment

I'm very excited to be involved in this project. It's also great to be working with old friends from the glorious heyday of Disney 2D animation - seen here with Ruben Procopio when he visited a while back. We're all hoping this film will herald a genuine return for a beloved, classic art form. In the meantime, this studio in Orlando is full of its own original ideas and talent, and the creative drive to make great things happen.


Anonymous said...

you must all be excited and proud! I think it would be nice for everyone to see this return to 2d animation i know I am! The movie looks great, it would be nice to see some drawings from it whenever possible. Please post some more cu!


David Nethery said...

Hey, Ron ! You're blogging. Cool.
Adding you to my blog list.